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Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 8:28 PM

I am now on my 4th SimpliSafe 'smart' lock

I am now on my 4th SimpliSafe 'smart' lock and I have the same issue. It constantly says the lock is not responding, despite the fact that it actually works fine. Many times I've called regarding the issue and the best case scenario is they send a new lock and then it continues to sporadically do the same thing. Worst case scenario, they suggest I should just reset the lock and it will be fine. BEWARE: yesterday the lock completely failed and would not open my door at all. I had to call a locksmith to get into my house. I had already cancelled the SimpliSafe service because it seemed insane to pay a few hundred dollars a year for a product that works so poorly. The rep I spoke to told me they would reimburse the cost of the locksmith based on my long history of lock failures. Today I call back as advised to submit my invoice for reimbursement, and after 25 mins on hold waiting for the person to authorize the reimbursement who is not available, I'm told that this is something they do not do... then what was I on hold for? SimpliSafe smart locks are absolutely trash and the company isn't much better. The idea of being able to click open and closed the door and simultaneously alarm/ disarm the system is great. Too bad the product is incredibly flawed. 

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2 years ago

Hello @chriswsiegel ,

I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had with your Smart Lock. From the multiple replacements, it's sounding a lot like the issue is with wireless connectivity, perhaps due to environmental factors.

Unfortunately no, we are usually not able to reimburse costs from hiring third parties. But our Support team should have requested an escalation with a senior agent. I've taken the liberty of setting up a call from a specialist now who will take care of you. Keep an ear out!

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