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Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 9:26 PM

Door Locks

I've been using my SimpliSafe system for a couple of months now and am pleased with its functionality.  I do have a recommendation and ask that you consider adding it to your next application update.  When locking the doors from the exterior keypad, there is absolutely no indicator the door is locked after depressing the lock button.
Outside of placing your hand on the door and checking its locked, or listening very quietly for the motor to turn the lock.  This desirability of the one touch lock button is for simplicity.  

Could you either flash the red light briefly or make a quick beep as an indicator the lock request executed and locked the door?  I believe it would be a nice enhancement with a code change in an upcoming update.  

Something to consider.  Thank you

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3 years ago

Hi @chuck_1019913948,

Thanks for the suggestion! The added information as to how this would be helpful is appreciated as well as it helps us know which feature requests will be the most beneficial to our customers. Rest assured, we've made sure to send this request to our dev team for consideration.

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