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Sunday, December 19th, 2021 2:35 AM

Can a second smart lock have its own pin?

I got a second smart lock for a detached structure on my property.   It is connected to my main system but I want to have a different pin specifically for it.  I'd like a pin that all it does is unlock that door, disarm the motion sensor in that structure, and nothing else in the main house like unlock other doors or turn off the whole system.  Any tips?

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3 years ago

Hi daviddavidovic,

Unfortunately no. All Smart Locks use the same PINs as for disarming your whole system. So you're able to set up up to five PINs for the whole system, and the Smart Locks will respond to all of them.

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@davey_d Thanks for the reply.  Very disappointing for those of us who have different doors wanting different logic.  Maybe can be submitted as an enhancement request.

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