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Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 12:23 AM

Any way to lock all of my SmartLock deadbolts without arming the system?

I just want to lock all three of my deadbolts without having to either put the system in Home mode, or having to click on each one individually from the app.  Anyway to do this?  

Alexa only lets you set Home or Away, doesn't let you control individual locks.  Doing the "Connect Simplisafe to Nest" hack also only lets you set Home or Away when you set Nest's status.  Don't have Google Home, but suspect it's the same deal - no individual device control other than directly from the Simplisafe app.

...and IFTTT STILL isn't available..

I'm sure the answer is no, but if Simplisafe techs are reading this, I also didn't find a way to submit a feature request for this particular action (probably creating a group and letting you add the devices you want to the group to perform a lock/unlock command would be easiest) or for the IFTTT integration (although I did find multiple threads with lots of promises and no updates in 2+ years).

Also, I am a software architect, so if there is an API integration that I can write to accomplish this and publish to IFTTT, would be glad to do that.  If so and I need to sign some sort of agreements as a Developer/Integration program, would be glad to do so.  Just let me know who to contact - feel free to send me an email to the address I have on file on my account.

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