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SimpliTracker: How to Use This Section

Welcome to SimpliTracker, your destination for keeping track of confirmed issues with SimpliSafe products and services. This section works a little different compared to the rest of the site, so here are some things to keep in mind:

Official Word from SimpliSafe Staff

Each post in this section is about an issue that is confirmed by our internal teams, that we are already working on resolving. You’ll be able to check on the progress towards resolution by looking for the Status Label.


Here’s what each status label means:



Our internal teams are still looking into the cause of the issue.

On Hold

Our teams need more info about this issue, and are unable to continue. If you are seeing similar symptoms, please chime in!

In Progress

Our engineering team has identified the cause, and is now working on a solution.


Our engineers have rolled out a solution. If steps are required on your end, we will let you know in this thread.

Open for Comment

If you are experiencing an issue listed in the SimpliTracker, we want to hear from you! Especially if the status of the issue is still Investigating or On Hold. We appreciate any detailed info that can help with our investigation. We may even ask for specific info, like the type of device you’re using, version numbers of software or firmware, etc.

Follow for More Updates

If you’d like to be alerted for future updates on a particular issue, hit the Follow button underneath the original post. You’ll be alerted by email when there’s a new post.

Keep in mind that you will automatically follow any thread that you have commented in. To cancel the notifications, hit the Unfollow button at the bottom of the original post.

You can also change Community-wide settings for how you are alerted in your Community Settings page.

  1. On the top right of this website, click your profile picture (on desktop) or tap the ☰ Menu button
  2. Select Profile Settings
  3. Select the Notifications & Preferences tab

Reporting New Issues

Unlike other sections in the Community, only the Admins are able to create posts for this section.

If you think that you are experiencing a new issue that is currently not listed in the SimpliTracker, please create a new post in the appropriate section on the Community. For example, if you are seeing an issue with your Wireless Outdoor Camera, you’ll want to create a new post in the Cameras section.

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