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Thursday, April 13th, 2023 7:02 PM


Outdoor Cameras showing as "Not Finished Installing"

Hi all,

Thanks to @captain11 for the heads up on this one, which prompted me to check in with our engineering team.

There is a known issue where Wireless Outdoor Cameras that have already been set up and functioning normally are showing as "Not Finished Installing" within the SimpliSafe app.

Our other camera models - the SimpliCam Indoor Camera, the Video Doorbell Pro, and the upcoming Smart Alarm Indoor Camera, were not affected.

Our engineers were able to resolve the issue on our end, and the small number of users who were affected were identified and notified via email. But just in case you missed that email, all you need to do is log into your app, go into the Cameras tab, and hit "Finish Setup" on each affected camera. Follow on-screen instructions, and your camera should be restored to normal function.



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1 year ago

This morning worke up to my 1 year+ installed two outdoor cameras showing in the android app "one step to go to install your outdoor cameras". Also, picutre in picture no longer working. Tried everything and then called support. After one hour of troubleshooting the agent was going to send replacements but finally while on hold, tried reinstalling and, for some reason, they reinstalled.

Meanwhile my 1 remaining Simpliscam, 2 Live Guard and front doorbell cam all working fine like nithing happened. Any chance the beta conflicted with my two outdoor cameras SS? And my picture in picture still doesn't work.

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