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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 8:36 PM


Wired smoke detector

Does Simplisafe have one or are they considering one? Most places (at least in IL) require if a remodel or new construction is being done that at least 1 detector is hardwired for electricity and that one must communicate with any wireless ones (or other wired ones). Seems like a good fit for a wired Simplisafe detector.

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7 months ago

SS could easily solve this problem, assuming they will never make a wired alarm, by having a listener, not unlike the glass break detector, that would hear the wired alarm and report it to the system.

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5 months ago

As a building inspector, I would love a hardwired smoke detector that communicated with other simply safe devices.  Possibly a good use for a wifi extender integrated into the device.

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5 months ago

SimpliSafe has to start producing a wired smoke detector if they want to keep customers or attract new ones.  Not being able to meet minimum building code makes this sensor completely useless.  Your customers want action.

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3 months ago

UK building regulations require wired smoke/heat detectors. To meet the regulation I’ve had to install dumb linked detectors in parallel to a few SimpliSafe devices. I’d much prefer to use SimpliSafe throughout to have everything monitored.

In reality I can’t see SimpliSafe developing mains powered linked heat and smoke detectors that would be required to satisfy Building regulations.  A listener would be a simple solution or somthing to monitor the “link” wire in the wired solution. 

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14 days ago

It would be nice if the Co/Smoke detectors were also able to use 115v power. I have existing smoke detectors that have 115v and battery back up, and linked to each other so if one goes off they all sound.

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5 days ago

My local regulations also require any newer house built with wired alarms to only be replaced with wired option. I would replace all mine if there was a wired option available.  

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