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Friday, August 6th, 2021 1:37 PM


View Cameras on Smart Displays

It doesn't make any sense to me that we have a security system that has some very basic integration with Alexa/Google, and doesn't even include the ability to show video from the cameras/doorbell.

Integration of a security system to home monitors is essential in today's world, and for those that do whole home automation a necessity.

We should have the ability to pull up the cameras, or have the doorbell show video when an event occurs on our Alexa/Google devices.

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View Cameras on Smart Displays

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3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, rcm81.

You're right, with Interactive Monitoring, we do also enable integration with both Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. For both of these, the integration currently allows only arming your alarm system, as well as checking on the system's status.

But video is a very different thing. SimpliSafe uses a unique way of storing and keeping your video data secured, and right now it isn't set up for forwarding that video to other services.

of course, as usual, I will be forwarding your suggestion to our dev team.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security



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3 years ago

@Johnny M and as this post raised the topic of smart speaker integration, I apologize for bringing out the dead horse to beat on him again. :-) (sorry,  rcm81, forget video integration).The ability to send a flag to Echo or Goolge device of an alarm event out from SS3 to the said smart speaker will not compromise security but will greatly enhance the value of my SS3 system. Why? When my system alarms, if SS3 sends such flag to my Alexa account it turns on my 9 IoT wifi light switches and plugs and lights up my house like a Christmas tree inside and out.

Talk about video cameras, my Simplicams and front door bell would get beautiful shots of the intruders!

This is not nuclear physics, Simplisafe. If $$ and revenue is the issue, then charge me $25 for a "Interconnectivy Hub" that I can put batteries in and collect dust. You send the flag, my lights go on and you make a few bucks for your hedge fund investors. Win/Win!
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