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Thursday, May 6th, 2021 9:55 PM


Suggestion: Visual "Armed" indicator

I have been using Simplisafe at home for about 6 months now after using it for over 3 years at my business.  At home I previously had a 2Gig system monitored by Brinks.  I gave up a few amenities since SS is just a security system where the 2Gig is more of a security/home automation system, and that's fine - I was able to easily find other solutions for the home automation stuff.  I'm very happy with SS, and obviously wouldn't have changed at home if I wasn't very satisfied with how it works at my business.

That being said, there is one feature I REALLY miss from my 2Gig days, and that is being able to tell at a glance from across the room whether or not the system is armed.  The 2Gig panel glowed red when it was armed and green when it was not armed.  With the Simplisafe, you have to walk up to the panel and push a button, or at least get very close to a button, before it wakes up and displays its status.

Why is this important?  Say I'm upstairs getting ready for bed and my wife says "hey honey, did anyone arm the system?" The panel is downstairs, so if you're not sure you have to go downstairs just to check.  With the 2Gig you could tell at a glance from a distance.

Similarly, if I want to open say my back patio door and I'm not sure if the system is armed or not, I have to actually walk over to the panel to check, where in the past I could tell by just glancing in the direction of the panel.

Some sort of red/green indicator that stays on full time would definitely be helpful.

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3 years ago

Hi rfas,

With SimpliSafe, that indicator is on the Base Station, not the Keypad. When it's constantly blue, that means that the system is armed and ready to trigger.

Of course, if your system is connected to the SimpliSafe app, you'd be able to use it to check status as well, wherever you are.

- Johnny M.
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We know it's blue. But...    the Base is in a central place.  So it's either NOT at the front door, or NOT at the garage-house entry or NOT at the Master Bedroom.  Even still, we wouldn't want a bright, glowing blue light in the Master.  Please follow up with rfas' idea.

Note: A second (or more) keypad is not necessarily the answer.  Nice to show the Off, Home and Away in big circles. but the text is tiny.  MAKE IT BIGGER!!

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3 years ago


I understand the visual indication on the base station. However, the base station is hidden out of view in a different room on a different floor of the house, which is normally the recommendation for this system. I doubt many people have the base station near the keypad.  The base station indication isn't helpful.

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3 years ago

I'll echo the original poster's request for a visual indicator, but with a twist:  how about adding a remote indicator?

Replace the sensor part of the motion sensor enclosure with a large LED and use that to echo the status LED from the base station.  

Why?  Because many of us have the base station in the kitchen, family room, or other "main" area of the house, but typically enter through the garage.  I'd love to see a clear indicator of system status as soon as I open the garage door.  Doing so would prevent me from setting the system off by being unaware that someone else in the house had set the alarm and left [through the main door].  It *has* happened....

Similarly, the OP could hang this remote indicator near the bedroom and be able to know the system status at a glance.

Please, Simplisafe, consider offering us a remote status indicator.  Thank you.

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3 years ago

I've thought about a second keypad as an indicator.  But given that the keypad goes dark after a few seconds, that's a less-than-ideal solution.

I'd LOVE a simple standalone red/green indicator....
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