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Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 5:14 PM


Suggestion for Alerts (opening a door)

I have a suggestion, could you please add another alert that lets one know if a door has been closed after it has been opened.  Or a timer to the open status alert that send an alert when the door has been opened for xxx seconds.  Allow xxx seconds to be controlled by the user.   The reason for the suggestion, is i have a residence on the coast, and in the summer if a door is left open to one of the decks, the a/c will run forever...trying to cool down the room.   An alert would let me know that someone left a door open to the decks.   Better yet...Integrate with Ecobee, or IFTTT.   Thanks!

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Alert if Entry Sensor is left open after X minutes

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Hi @pistol,

Thanks for the feedback! Making your voice heard really helps us prioritize which new features to work on first so that our customers can have the best experience.

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