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Thursday, May 26th, 2022 3:43 PM


Strobe Light

Is there any way I can have my Simpisafe system trigger a strobe light?

Is Simpisafe developing such a strobe light?

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2 years ago

@skippy36g right now no, we do not have a component that has a strobe light function.

For users who could benefit from that kind of notification, for example the hard of hearing, we encourage the use of Smart Alerts through the SimpliSafe app. Don't forget that alerts for cameras and alarms are available even without a subscription!

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2 years ago

The outside alarm is good and loud, however with the sound echoing among the houses many times it is hard to determin which house has alarm.  It would be nice to have a very bright LED strobe light on the alarm. This would help identify the house when alarm activates especially at night.  The best would be if sound and strobe could be turned on/off seperately when alarm activated.  Some situation would work best if just strobe without sound and other sound without strobe.

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2 years ago

Actually, this would be a good addition as some communities require that a beacon light be on the exterior that is visible to the street for emergency responders to locate easier when an active alarm is going.

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1 year ago

We really need to have a device of a method to activate an exterior strobe — even if it’s a relay device we can connect to.

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