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Thursday, November 25th, 2021 1:13 PM



Show Status of all Devices In App


Really impressed with how easy it was to add devices to the system but was really disappointed that these do not show in the App, Only Cameras.

It would be a really useful addition to be able to see what units are installed and what status they are in, i.e. if there is a fault with one or a low battery, etc so we can check if the system is functioning correctly. There does not appear a way to do this easily and the fact that the motion sensors do not have a flashing light to indicate movement also means we have no real idea if they are working or not so being able to easily check and report on it whether home or away would be a massive relief & give us better peace of mind.

I have Hive for my heating and lighting and it shows every thermostat & bulb and it's current status so can SimpliSafe do the same?



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2 years ago


There are a couple of spots in the SimpliSafe app where you can check the status of your full system.

1. On the Overview page, pull down on the screen to refresh, and pull the latest info from your system. At the top you'll see a Status indicator; usually, you'll see it say Everything is OK. If you click Learn more >, you'll be taken to a quick view, which will show if anything is wrong with any component in your system (for example, Low Battery warnings, signal issues, etc. This is a combined view of all your sensors and cameras.

2. Under My System > Device Settings, you'll see a list of all of your sensors. On the right side of each tile, you'll also see the current status of each sensor, including:

  • Whether your Entry Sensors are open or closed
  • Whether your Smart Lock is locked or unlocked
  • The last reading from each Temperature Sensor

The original post also asks about the Motion Sensor specifically. While the above options will show if a given Motion Sensor is connected to the Base Station, it won't show if it's able to pick up motion. The best way to test that is by putting your system in Test Mode. This guided flow on our Help Center can help you through the steps!



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3 years ago

@P Deane are you on a monitoring plan? If so,  you should be able to see all of your sensors with status.  Also, if you pull down on the home screen, the app will poll the base station and report back if any sensor has an issue; you can then drill down and get more specific information (open, not responding, low battery etc.  If I read your post incorrectly, my apologies.

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2 years ago

Another suggestion... quit your shameful policy of requiring a plan....when your customer simply wants to interface to Amazon

No other "smart" devices utilize this despicable policy

Are you really hurting that BAD for MONEY ??? 

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2 years ago

I think the mobile app would be much more useful if the current status of all the sensors was listed on the home screen or had a tab like the camera tab. It is very cumbersome to open the app and go to settings > device settings and wait until they refresh. This could be even better if there was a widget on android which listed the current status of all the devices. Thank you! 

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@langriker There is currently a feature in the app that is similar to what you are looking for. From the home screen press, hold and move your finger down. When the home screen is pushed down, it does a system check of all sensors and entire system and will come back with "Everything is OK", or a short message like "2 sensors open" or "1 sensor not rsesponding". Tap on it and the app will show a summary status by group, and if you tap on one will give you the detail. Actually works pretty well.  

An android widget would be good as well.

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Thank you for the reply! I did find this as well, but I feel as though this is also not ideal. It would be great if it is something that is just there when you open the app, nothing you had to go though any series of events for

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2 years ago

I have the self monitoring plan and I cannot see my devices.  I can only see camera's as well.

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7 months ago

I pulled down as stated above to see my system status.  It says everything is OK but one device has a low battery.  When I open that message, it tells me all devices are on line and the battery levels are good.  So, how do I know which of my three dozen devices has a low battery . . . . The warning is useless unless it tells you which device is low. Note - all cameras are at 40% or better. . .  

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@pkeilich​ The mobile app should show you which device has a low battery once you select "Learn More." If you look at your Keypad, do you see a <!> notification alerting you that a device has a low battery? If not, I would try refreshing your app screen again to see if that notification is still there.

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