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Thursday, July 28th, 2022 6:20 PM



Sensor Status on the Dashboard

On the rop right corner of the Simplisafe App, there should be a counter that shows you how many sensors are showing as "closed".  For example, when you pull down on the Simplisafe app to refresh your system, and it shows, "Everything is OK", there should be an area that reads something to the effect of, "No Windows/Doors Open".  Right now the app will tell you if anything is open and will prompt you to what it may be, but it doesn't confirm that everything is closed which I think should be available to all users.  This way when people are not home and their alarm is set, it will confirm not only is everything ok, but All Windows & Door Sensors are closed.

This way you know for sure that everything really is OK.

10 months ago

Doesn't "Everything is OK" cover it. It shows when something is open or offline and even batteries need change.

I wish it would show why an item is offline or prompt me when I loose WIFI ( a big problem here in Twin) not just post a signal lose in the listing


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