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Friday, February 18th, 2022 3:18 AM


Schedule active times for sensors and cameras, notify of "person" motion

I have a few feature requests based on features in my old Nest devices, but before I get into them, whoever at SimpliSafe monitors this forum should know that the Feature Request submission form does not work on this page. You check the box, fill out the form, click submit then...... nothing. Nothing happens. 

Anyway, onto the feature requests that I'm sure someone else has asked for because I feel they are pretty basic, especially since I'm coming from Nest that already had them.

  1. Schedule times for alarms and sensors to be active. Similar to a programmable thermostat. For example I’d like to be able to schedule the motion sensor in my garage to turn on every night at 11pm and off every morning at 6am. And different times on the weekend. 


  1. The outdoor camera has a setting to detect all motion or “a person” motion, so why can’t the notification I get on movement differentiate between general motion (like maybe an animal), and “person motion.” This is honestly the main reason I still have my Nest doorbell. I like knowing if it’s a person when motion is detected and I get the app notification.  

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