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Monday, February 14th, 2022 4:08 AM


Refresh Camera status in-app more regularly

​I'd like to suggest the mobile app needs to be rewritten to refresh state of the outdoor camera similar to how the web-hosted control panel does. More than 24 hrs after taken down, it still invites me to "Watch Live" the outdoor cameras. Only the indoor camera does it believe is offline. It even still believes it knows the battery status of those cameras; the batteries that have been removed and charged.​

​Other suggestions for the app in its current state:​

​- remove splash on open, and get the app up faster​

​- cache camera clip metadata of the timeline to the extent possible. It's historical info and shouldn't take long to write to the screen.​

​- remove the gear icon and put navigation to the configuration of individual cameras on the same line as their name and battery state in the camera listing (one less screen)​

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2 years ago

The snapshot from the outdoor camera (and all cameras, for that matter) should show the moment of last triggering, preferably in the smartphone alert but certainly in the app dashboard.

And when the camera section of the app is in focus, update all outdoor camera images to show a snapshot of what’s happening at that moment.

I miss these features from Ring. I was able to quickly see what was happening in all the areas covered by cameras. 

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Camera previews in app updated more frequently
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