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Saturday, December 18th, 2021 9:05 PM


Pressure Sensor

Forgive me if this already exists but I couldn't find it. I think a pressure sensor would be an excellent product. Similar to an entry sensor, but it would have a pressure sensor pad that activates the alarm. The sensor could be placed under your computer, audio equipment, or any other expensive piece of equipment.

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2 years ago

I'll add this one to our list of suggestions with our engineers.


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2 years ago

A more common use of pressure sensors is under the carpet in a critical hallway.

You could probably make one by getting a non SS pressure sensor and wiring it to a modified entry sensor.

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2 years ago

Here's a theoretical solution:

You could buy a section of pressure matting online.  It is a normally open device meaning it completes a circuit when you step on it.  You could then take an extra entry sensor. Modify it by removing the reed switch and pig tailing the connection to the mat.  When armed the mat will be bypassed but should join the system once stepped on.  Then once the weight is shifted or the burglar steps off the mat,  it will open circuit triggering the entry sensor.   

This is a hack.  It's too bad SS does not offer pigtail entry sensors so that any alarm detection technology can be used. 

I didn't prove this theory so attempt at your own risk.

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2 years ago

 I was hoping the idea would be presented to the dev team, which it looks like it might.

The alarm would trigger when the pressure is lifted from the pad. It could be put under anything that could be carried or dragged out of the house. If for some reason the entry sensor fails, this is a second layer of protection for valuable equipment, etc.

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@slugbait they could simply create a pigtail transmitter that works on a normally open trigger and any normally open device could then activate the transmitter

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