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Monday, December 20th, 2021 3:34 PM


Poor Annunciation

The Simply Safe a system has great annunciation at the base but if you have a large home or multiple floors you have to rely on remote sirens which are terrible annunciators!

SimpliSafe missed an opportunity to include Annunciation through the keypads which apparently have already all the technology necessary to act as annunciators and chime with voice prompts on alarms! 

SimpliSafe should investigate the possibility of using Amazon's echo dot devices as base station repeaters, or create some vehicle by which the actual base station audio output can be replicated at different areas in the house. This would turn the system from good to excellent.

Another option is to put push type chime and voice annunciations into the SS App.  This would at least allow the user to know what is going on in detail when they are out of hearing range of the base!

No complaints on the function of the alarm features but the interface to the user leaves a lot to be desired.

SimpliSafe did not follow the conventional industry wisdom with how keypads interface to the users and act as annunciators.  If I am downstairs and somebody opens the front door and I am not within earshot of the base, I have no clue what's going on. I may not even here the Annunciation of the chime feature. A terrible waste on otherwise excellent system layout.  SimpliSafe moved the benchmark up in low cost DIY alarm technology but terribly botched the at-site user experience.

I am a retired alarm industry executive and understand the trials and tribulations of alarm design and the compromises for cost, etc. But mostly here it is a design shortcoming as these features would not be expensive to incorporate.   Because the Annunciation and chime feature is a critical feature for me I'm actually considering returning my system for something else.

I need the Base annunciation at all levels of my home and at each area there is a keypad.   

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2 years ago

I have nothing to add other than I rarely see "annunciate" used and I genuinely appreciate your use of it here. :)

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2 years ago

Currently there is no base station speaker "repeater" available. However, the Simplisafe siren 

can mimic the door chimes and keypad arming/disarming beeps. Of course, the siren will also amplify the base station's 80 decibel siren by adding a supplementary shreking 120db siren to your system.

Other then that, I don't think I have a solution for you. I'm sorry


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I have the siren stations, believe it or not, 5 of them!   The chime is a very important feature to me as it gives me knowledge in this large home if someone were to enter while the system is off.  However,  the siren chime feature is not hearing impaired friendly.   The most common type of hearing impairment is high frequency loss.  Many people start with that problem then it gets worse from there.  The tones SS used for the chime on the siren is in the tonal range of hearing impaired.   I can tell that a younger person or a perfect hearing person designed the tones and thought they are ok.  I can stand 2 rooms away from the chime and not hear it.  I bet most young folks could hear it across the street.   If you have any technical persuasiveness with SS, give us a high low tone and a large percentage of the older folks will at least hear the low one.  

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I read your bio.   I owned a large regional Central Station alarm company in Virginia since 1972.  Sold out in 2014.    

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