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Thursday, March 21st, 2024 3:13 PM


Photoelectric beam Motion Sensor

It seems like 30% of the posts here are about false alarms with the motion sensors. That is my experience as well. 

Has anyone found, or would Simplisafe consider, making a photoelectric sensor? Basically it's a beam, that is someone walks through it, sets off the alarm. They can be setup in areas that people would walk through, but pets (cats sigh) can't. 

This would be the solution to "smart" motion/presence alarms.....that are never "smart". The current motion sensors are either too sensitive, or detect nothing depending on where you put them.

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2 months ago

Hello @johnski, 

Thank you for this product suggestion! We will go ahead and submit this idea to our dev team for their consideration.

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Thank you. There are lots of existing sensors, and all they would need is a gateway to integrate into the Simplisafe community. 

As an example, here's one. 


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