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Thursday, February 16th, 2023 4:52 AM


Pet geofencing and and anti-theft tags

​​It would be interesting if they make sensors for animals,  cats, dogs, birds,  etc. ​​

​​Maybe a kind that has two points (like a doorway) and if the pet passes through the area,  then it sends a push notification,  text etc?​​

​​Or geofencing "markers" that are indoor/outdoor so you can put them in the corners of your yard, and when they leave the area,  the alarm is triggered. ​​

​​A special tag for pets could be made so that if the pet is stolen (put in a vehicle and goes above a certain speed) it triggers a notification.  A lot of people with expensive breeds have animals nabbed out of their yards and they just drive away. ​​

​​it can connect to devices with the app so they are consisidered "safe" and can drive with that person. Or the alarm can be turned off. ​​

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19 days ago

Thanks for sharing this idea, @Dragonclaw !

It has now been SUBMITTED. We'll keep you updated if and when development is started.


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2 months ago

I think it would be interesting for them to develop a sensor that goes off with movement.

I mentioned in another post about how one particular application would be theft of a pet from a yard (or I guess any small item or such) and is tripped by an accelerometer. 

But this could be useful for motorcycles, cars or other items stolen from where they are kept. 

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