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Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 7:49 PM


Per-mode setting for Instant Trigger

Would like to see a set of instant trigger switches next to each mode. This way you can set up instant triggers when you go to sleep, but not set off the alarm everytime you come home from away more. 

I know there is a key fob you can purchase to disarm the system before you open the door but this would be a much more elegant solution. The less things you can put on your keychain, the better. 

It looks like it would be a matter of modifying the "Intrusion Sensors" table and adding another set of instant trigger options.

Change it from:  Device Name > instant trigger = true/false 

To something like:

Device name > Home Mode > Instant trigger = true/false


Device name > Away Mode > Instant trigger = true/false

See attachment for my thoughts on how to update the front end.

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4 years ago

This is a suggestion, and one that seems relatively straightforward to implement.

I think it would be VERY useful to be able to set instant triggers based on certain windows of time. For instance, I would like to be able to set my front door to trigger an instant alarm between the hours of 12AM and 6AM. It's rare that I would open the front door during those hours, so any entry would likely be suspicious. That said, sometimes we forget to disarm the alarm when we get up in the morning before opening the front door, so having 10 second delay before the alarm triggers after 6AM is desirable.

My concern is motivated by the fact that I live in a relatively small, 2 bedroom apartment. A gentle 10 second chime, were somebody to actually break in during the night, is not going to wake us up until the alarm sounds. That is 10 seconds that might be rather valuable depending on the intentions of a potential intruder. That said, I want to avoid as many false alarms as possible ergo the desire to have the 10 second grace period after we are likely awake.

Again, this seems like a relatively easy feature to integrate, and one that would add considerable piece of mind (at least for me).

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Agree - I like this suggestion.  I was thinking it would be nice to be able to set individual sensors to instant alert based on the mode (home/away).  Times would also serve the same purpose I think.  It seems obvious, but I sometimes (sometimes it is just off) set mine to "home" when I'm home and "away" when I'm away.  I would like, for example, a door to be instant when set to away, but delayed when I'm home.

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Certainly plus 1 on this feature! Instant trigger for devices based on the mode. I want to have entry points delayed in Away mode giving people time to disarm on the keypad. But when fast asleep in Home mode I want that alarm screaming  instantly for opened Entry points. Don't need to be giving an intruder the courtesy of timed delays.

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Do they have options to set on instant triggers or only entry delay? what is the minimum seconds for the entry delay? say 5-7 seconds? and also if you set it to AWAY MODE, do you have an option to set it to instant trigger or only entry delay?



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^ In Home mode, you can set your sensors to instant trigger (instant trigger sets off the alarm immediately, then 30 seconds or so passes, and if you don't cancel the alarm within that time, you get a call from Monitoring, who will then ask for your safeword and if you need assistance (from the police, etc).  In Away mode, I think you can, best ask SS for official answer - generally, Away mode has an entry delay to give you time to get into the door, get to the keypad (or fish out your keyfob from your pocket etc) to turn off the alarm - you can set the entry delay as low as 30 seconds I believe.  If you want your entry delay less than 30 seconds, you have to call SS to request it, and they will do so from their end.



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Instant trigger is instant and has no relationship to any delays EXCEPT if a delayed sensor is triggered first, the instant trigger is "ignored" until the delay completes.  There is an exit and an entry delay for AWAY mode.  HOME mode assumes you are all, well, home, and here are no delays (I don't know if they added it in SS3 or ignored it like most other requests)

Generally, it is wise to have all sensors set to instant, except  the one on the door you use for entry and exit.

Whether the signal is instant or delayed, once the monitoring service receives the alert, they give you about 30 seconds to cancel a false alarm before calling you to find out if things are ok.



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2 years ago

@samm This has been requested before but a customer has never addedt a graphic example on how to actually get this accomplished. First, let me say "nicely done" and appears this would be a great GUI for Simplisafe to copy. If I may, would like to add on to this to allow the arming of sesnors in "Off" mode. Why? I have 3 basement windows that have not been opened in 35 years since the house was built. It would be nice to protect them even with the system off. Even my old 20+ year old ADT system was able to do this. (And of course, I made this suggestion to Simplisafe several times over the past 10 years. :-)

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2 years ago

I design dashboards like the Simplisafe one for a living, so when I use other companies designs I always notice ways they could improve. 

What we are both suggesting wouldn't be difficult to implement. 

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