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Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 6:20 PM


Option to disable recording after disarm

Please give users the ability to configure cameras such that they only capture video when the alarm system is On.  I should not have to hide for a minute or two after disarming.   Give your users full control!

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Disable Recording when arming/disarming

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2 years ago

Hi @DougEveland  ,

Right now, this behavior is intentional, so you have record of who disarmed your system. Please don't worry, only you (or someone with your username and password) can access your videos. So in this scenario, you would really just be hiding from yourself!

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@davey_d​ I think the point I’ve seen with this problem is two fold- 1- we don’t want notifications buzzing when we’re say hanging out in the back yard. 2- it wastes battery (then 3 from SimpliSafe’s standpoint it’s more data on the servers/cloud space that they need to pay for the capacity to house) 

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