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Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 9:28 PM


Numpad-based Keypad Navigation for Gen 3 Systems

​Credit due to one of our avid users, ​​@worthing​​ and Redditor u/Hannover92 for this one:​

​A way to navigate the ​​SimpliSafe Gen 3​​ Keypad Menu without having the read the screen or use the arrows, by instead pressing a sequence of numbers to get to the right options.​

​Current and previous owners of the ​​Original SimpliSafe​​ might remember that this was actually already a feature of that generation's Keypad. For example, to get to ​​Test Mode​​, one would press the button sequence:​

​Press [Menu] > Type in Master PIN > Press [5] > Press [Menu] to exit​



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1 year ago

@worthing A great idea! @davey_d glad you are leading the charge to implement!

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1 year ago

Hey @davey_d does this mean it's submitted and in progress? Or just submitted? I want to update the original requestor and I want to make sure I give them accurate information.

Edit: Ignore this, I just discovered another thread where you indicated it's in development. Thanks!

Related to all of this, I'd love to see an "in development" or "actively being worked on" tag instead of just "submitted". It'd also cut down on some requests to y'all asking for a status. 


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