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Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 9:02 PM


Notify when disarmed by PIN, setting for each PIN

Get notified when a PIN was used. Specifically for the smart lock but could also be applied to deactivate the system. This can help residents know when children get home or when a cleaners enter the home or potential other uses. Other smart locks I have had had this notification and I found it to be quite useful

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2 years ago

Hi Feyerman,

What you're describing already exists as a feature. Of course, the Smart Lock uses the same PINs as for the system - so you can unlock and disarm your system in the same step.

Whenever any PIN is used to disarm, it's recorded in the Timeline event log, and relayed to your phone via Push Notifications (or SMS/email, if you have that enabled). The notification contains info about which PIN is used, including the label applied to it.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes it does. But I cannot specifically pick a certain pin to notify me that is was used vs another. I don't care so much when my spouse opens the door but if a pin for a visitor or a child was used I would want to know. I also don't have the ability to disable notification of the door locking. I'm not so much interested in that either. A little more control of what push notifications I get would be amazing.

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Ah, I understand. So the request is specifically for greater control over which events can trigger alerts. Gotcha!

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