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Monday, February 21st, 2022 3:22 AM


Notification for Sensor Closed

I just got my system and am loving it!

One issue I have is that there is no notification beep when an entry sensor (door/window) is closed.

You get the beep beep when you open... but dead silence when closing up.

Every alarm system I have ever seen has one beep type for open and one beep type for close (number of beeps, tone of beeps, etc). It gives confirmation that the sensor is functioning and that the thing you just closed is, in fact, closed.

I figure this shouldn't be a huge undertaking. Just a small change in the code.

Possibly add a checkbox in the settings, in case some people don't want that notification.

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11 months ago

Yes please!!

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7 months ago

Yes, please!! With small kids and an indoor-only cat, there's significant peace-of-mind in knowing that a door has been closed. Also, since there are no notifications, spoken audio, or chimes to indicate which door opened - then we don't know which door to check.

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7 months ago

Count me in to those who definitely would like to hear a (slightly different) chime when closed.

Funny - today’s SimpliSafe newsletter says: 

If you set an Entry Sensor to “disabled,” it won’t trigger your alarm — but you’ll still hear a chime when it’s opened or closed!

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@howgee​ As soon as I saw what you said about the sensor being in disabled mode. I went and tested. Not sure what they are talking about. It is already set to disabled when the alarm is off.

When I changed the setting to disabled for home and away, it did nothing. Wonder what they were talking about.


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Apologies for the confusion. To clarify, yes, all sensors are Disabled in Off Mode by default.


And if a sensor is disabled in either Home or Away Mode, it will be completely dormant (there is no way to trigger the Entry Chime in either armed modes).


Finally, relating to this thread's topic, there is no way currently to set a chime for when the sensor is closed.

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New Simplisafe customer here... The system is obviously aware when a sensor change state, could it not just simply play the chime when state changes from open to closed? I do agree coming from multiple alarm systems in different house I do miss a chime tell me a door or window was closed. 

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