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Sunday, February 13th, 2022 5:07 AM


New to Simplisafe, need more scheduling and keypad options

Just switched from ADT, but a bit disappointed with Simpli with:

1. Can’t schedule my alarm to come on and off at certain times for certain days of the week. Seems like such a simple item to implement in this day and age. 
2. No option to silence countdown beeps on keypad. I have one in my room and I don’t need to hear it count down and wake me up. I don’t set the Home alarm to instant On for various reasons, which would mitigate the issue, but the real solution is to have an option to not have the beeps. 

Overall easy to setup and use, but definitely is missing key software functions that put it on par with systems like ADT. 

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2 years ago

I am also new to SS

On question #1 - you can schedule SS to turn on but not off option.

I use Google Home routines to turn my system on every night. 

@chudak​ thanks for the hint on Google homes. But it’s just silly that Simpli has a nice scheduling option for reminders, but not for the system itself! The thing with going with Google Home is that I’m pretty sure that qualifies as Smart Home access and thus you need to lay the $27 a month? I don’t really need Smart Home control, so the $17 is fine with me, if you get my point…ah well, first world problems!

2 years ago

Yes - please make the beeps configurable on a per-keypad basis!  I don't want beeping in the bedroom (unless there's an alarm), but I definitely want it everywhere else.  I'm also really surprised that door chimes can't be configured on the keypads... I get that the base station is designed to be the center of the whole thing (and you can use the secondary sirens), but keypads seem like an obvious choice for this and in my mind the base station should stay dead silent and completely dark at all times so it can stay hidden and just do its primary job without being quickly found and smashed.

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