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Monday, August 2nd, 2021 8:38 PM


Need more notification categories for app

This has sort of been suggested before but maybe not directly. I also tried looking in the last half year or so of posts on the forum and have not found this exact feature request. There is an overwhelming need for better control of notifications and the notification categories on the Android app. Unfortunately, I don't know if the notification categories are the same on the iOS app.

The current notification categories on Android are "DFU", "Doorbell Ring", "Miscellaneous", "Downloads", "Arming Reminders", and "Widgets". About 99% of my notifications fall under Miscellaneous, which basically groups together every important notification type, including but not limited to smart lock change of state, secret alerts, arming and disarming of the system, and the most surprising, actual alarm events. Considering that the only way to control the notification behaviors and sounds is through the Android system settings, all of these categories should be broken out into their own categories.

Why should we be limited to having actual alarm events have the same notification behavior and sound as a "secret alert" or locking/unlocking of the smart lock? That simply does not make sense. I think that any user would definitely want to be notified in a different way on their phone for an actual alarm event versus the lock changing state or an entry sensor sending a secret alert.

Just my two cents but I think this should be kind of obvious when programming the app.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, julian.benz!

iPhone users unfortunately don't have as much granular control. But I agree, it could come in really handy for Android users to have very different sounds for each event. I'll pass this on to our dev team.

- Johnny M.
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2 years ago

I just saw this was from 2021 - is there any plan to have this done? There's a big difference (to me at least) between a notification for a door unlocked and the security system being disarmed. The system disarmed I always care about and want to set a different notification. But a door unlocked I almost never care about. On Android, they are both listed in the notification category under "Alarm". 

As a customer I really need to have each different event type be its own notification category so that I can be notified correctly for each different type. Otherwise I have to choose between over notified or under notified when it's not separate from other events.

And as we all know, too many notifications means that we start ignoring them. With security, this is a bad very place to become complacent. 

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