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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 5:58 PM


Multiple users please

It is bad security practice to have multiple users sharing a single login - please can you add the ability for multiple users to be on the same account?

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Multiple Users



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3 years ago

Not just multiple users, I suspect, but with different levels of access, no?

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Yeah I guess, good point.

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3 years ago

It would be nice actually.  The other day our son accidentally disabled the alarm while the rest of us were home and it kinda freaked us out.  It would have been nice to see in the app that it was his app.

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1 year ago

Just to bump this. A bit like how you can set multiple PINs so you know who has disarmed your system, letting different people access the app so you can tell who is who would be good.

Thanks SS

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