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Saturday, March 20th, 2021 7:16 PM

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More color options for Cameras

​​​Please start offering a white camera in addition to black.​​​

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3 years ago

Hi @kristabeem,

Thanks for the suggestion. We've made sure to forward this to our dev team to think about.

SimpliSafe Social Team
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3 years ago

Really pleased with my Simplisafe system, but the black camera when mounted on a white ceiling or against white walls is a real eyesore.  A white version would be much more discrete and attractive.  Any plans to release one?  Thanks.
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Hi markhol63,

We're not able to talk about future release plans, but I'll definitely pass on your suggestion to our engineering team!

- Davey D.
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We're not able to talk about future release plans

I can kind of understand this response for a brand new product but for an existing product in a different color? You don't work at the Pentagon. Please let the powers that be know that they should consider relaxing this blanket policy to literally every single question about anything new or different. It is not customer friendly at all.

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2 years ago

It appears you only offer your Indoor Camera in black and your Outdoor Camera and Entry Sensors in white.  I wish you would offer all your products in white, black, and gray so we could choose colors based on particular uses and locations.

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Y’all need to make different colored sensor options, at least add black!! Especially for entry sensors and motion sensors to blend into black window frames and trim. Also black outdoor elements like cameras. Maybe your idea is that they should be conspicuous, but honestly it’s an eyesore. 
I would have put money on it & sworn you already had/used to have black sensors—my black framed windows were just delivered and installed and I went order said black sensors… and disappointed. 

I’ve seen some posts saying that you can paint them but there is no recommendation or official response from SimpliSafe that I’ve seen. 

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