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Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 1:15 PM

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More choices for 'Residence Type'

We need more choices for 'Residence Type' when setting up the account.  Not everyone is using SimpliSafe to monitor an apartment, home or business.  I have mine in a boat at a marina, and suspect there are probably people using it in RVs.   The marina has its own security, so I don't need the police to be called in case of intrusion, and for that reason I never arm the intrusion alarm.  I'm mainly interested in monitoring for fire, water in the bilge, power failure and freezing temperatures.

Not every emergency requires the authorities to be summoned, and it would be nice to able to tailor the responses the central station performs when an alert comes in.  I'd use the intrusion alarm more if I could have the central station call the marina security rather than automatically calling the cops.

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4 months ago

Hi @lscott ,

Thanks for your suggestion. We might already have solutions for your situation.

If you'd prefer that there is no dispatch at all when an intruder sensor (Entry, Motion, and Glassbreak) is triggered, but still dispatch for Fire, we can set your account to No Dispatch.

But if you'd prefer that we call your marina security first, we can set them up as your Guard Service.

Both options can be set for your account manually by our Support team!

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