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Friday, October 22nd, 2021 8:25 PM

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MFA authentication codes via email

I have installed a SimpliSafe system in our Costa Rica home which included an interior camera, door and window sensors, motion sensor, camera and an auxiliary exterior siren.  As part of my account set-up I provided my U.S. mobile phone number in order to receive 2-step authentication codes, which seem to be required for my account log-in every 30 days.  When we are at our Costa Rica home our mobile phones are switched to Costa Rica mobile service for receiving phone, text and data.  I am very disappointed to discover that SimpliSafe does not provide me with an alternative option to receive security codes via either my email address nor my Costa Rica mobile-text number.  The result is that I will be unable to access my account while we are staying there during the winter.  BTW, the security camera system which was installed at the home when we purchased it is from Blink, a company which does offer the alternative of receiving authentication codes via text and/or email.

I am recommending that SimpliSafe implement an alternative option for their customers to receive 2-step authentication codes via their email account.

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3 years ago

Hi geobrown,

Unfortunately this is part of the caveat when we say that we're not able to provide our products and services outside of our two markets - the US and the UK. Right now yes, the only method for multi-factor authentication is by SMS text message, and it can only be sent to US or UK phone numbers.
Our platform security team is looking into expanding options for our users, and we'll keep you updated if/when that's available.

In the meantime, it might be helpful to know that the login session for your SimpliSafe app is set to expire after a month. So you can at least make sure that you have a recent login before heading overseas to maximize the amount of time that you have access.


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