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Thursday, February 24th, 2022 5:52 PM


Local video recording storage

​I am actually surprised that SS does not have a feature/device allowing to store camera recordings locally.​

​Why not?​

​I think the user community would welcome such a feature.​



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1 year ago

Especially when cameras that cost from 1/3rd to 1/5th the price from competitors have that functionality...

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1 year ago

It doesn't make them money that way.   They don't care what the community wants, I'm learning that the hard way right now.  Good luck to you.

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10 months ago

Am I missing something? I like others would like the ability to control when the outdoor cameras record and notify. Not an all or nothing solution. This would of course mean less drive space needed for Simplisafe. To a novice this doesn’t seem that difficult and would save Simplisafe money. My concern is that maybe it is not possible with the current Simplisafe ecosystem and that is why it hasn’t been done yet. Do we need to wait for SS4? Any thoughts?

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Wouldn’t Simplisafe want to have less video storage?

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6 months ago

Sad but true.  When we move I'm thinking of switching as not having local video storage is ridiculous.

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