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Saturday, September 19th, 2020 7:08 AM


Keypad Silence

Please give us the ability to silence keypads. I work very late. When I come home and dismiss the alarm. When I go to rearm my wife is asleep until I hit Home or Away, where it starts to count down from the preset number of seconds it is set to. That beep sound wakes her every time. I have to take the stupid keypad and stuff it under a pillow for 45 seconds while it counts down to armed. I would like to keep the chime on the downstairs keypad, but have the ability to silence the upstairs one so that it makes no noise unless there is an alarm.


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4 years ago

When I arm the system in Home, I find the countdown beeping to be very annoying. For example, if it's late at night and I put the system into Home, I don't want loud beeps waking up my family.

Is there some option to silence the countdown that I'm missing? I know I can set the exit delay to 0, but that doesn't work for me as we sometimes use Home when leaving the house.
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The beeps are not THAT loud.  Are you sure it is not your external siren complaining about low batteries.  Now THAT is loud.

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Yes, I'm sure it's not the external siren beeping. I'm glad they don't bother you, but I'm looking for a solution.

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Take it apart and clip the speaker/beeper wire. That is the solution available to you at this moment, and quite possibly the only one there will ever be.

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Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately there is no volume setting for the Keypad itself - only the Wireless Siren and the Base Station. But you do still have the option of disabling the countdown entirely for Home Mode - so it arms near-instantly.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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I use Home most of the time when leaving my house and am set to zero. Unless I am not understanding something, you just put system in Home while exit door is open and then leave. No countdown needed.

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4 years ago

Customers have been asking for that for a decade.  Not going to happen as it will lead to a higher number of false alarms which will get Simplisafe into hot water.  Also goes against ANSI standards intended to reduce false alarms (ANSI/SIA CP-01).

If you are handy, you can disconnect the beeper inside the keypad yourself.  If you are less handy, you can cover the opening in the beeper with heavy tape.  If you are not handy at all, move the keypad to another location.

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2 years ago

How do I turn off the annoying beeping when the system is being set to home? Thanks 

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Hi @Jmb6379 ,

It sounds like you're talking about the countdown timer, which comes from the Keypad, and happens when the system is armed in both Home and Away modes. At this time, there is no way to disable the countdown timer.

However, you can sort of disable the countdown. In Home Mode, you can set the Countdown timer to just 1 second, so it arms immediately and the countdown chirps won't start at all.

Agree it is annoying beep when set to home. Changing delay exit time is not an acceptable solution. 

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@davey_d​ Davey - this is an issue for me, too. I want to set the alarm to Home without waking people up. If I set the delay to zero, I can’t get out without triggering the alarm. It would be nice to be able to disable the beeping. I would not have a problem with it also disabling it for Away alarm. Thanks

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Thanks for your suggestion. What you could do is open the door before you arm the system. Since the alarm only triggers if a sensor switches from Open to Closed, it won't trigger. When you close the door behind you, it'll be ready to trigger then.


It does occur to me that the Base Station will announce both "Alarm On - Home" as well as "Entry Sensor Open". But at least the Base Station's voice prompts volume can be adjusted in the settings (or turned off entirely). The Keypad's beeps cannot.

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I agree with this AND we should be able to shut off the countdown timer completely.  I can’t fully use my system because if I want to use the motion sensor it has to be in Away mode.  The beeping sends my dog into a meltdown.  I could silence it with my ADP system with no issue.  I don’t understand how something so “simple” isn’t available in this system. You add in either their inability or their decision not to integrate Homekit for a large number of subscribers and that’s another checkmark in the “cons” column…

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1 month ago


Is there a way to adjust or mute the sounds made when entered a disable code or pressing other buttons on the keypad?

Our keypad for our entry is right next to our bedroom.  When I disable the system at 4:30 AM, the sound of the keys being pressed wakes my wife.  I can't seem to find a setting for this.

Thank you in advance.

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@ jfullmer unfortunately, short answer is no. Suggest you use your key fob or phone app, which are completely silent.

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Same issue here. Bedroom door is near entry door and keypad.  FOB/App not good options as they are not always present at the location.  Bummer to not be able to disable the sound.  We bought second keypad for the convenience, but can't keep it next to the door, so not convenient.

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I would appreciate a setting option which silences the numbers on the keypad.  

For my home, there is no benefit to have each number of the pin, provide audio feedback. 

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The suggestion to just use the mobile app because that is completely silent is incorrect. You still have to deal with the countdown beeps on the keypads when you arm the system.

I also tried taping over the speaker areas with electrical tape and that did not dampen the chimes significantly enough. 

This noise makes my dog completely uncomfortable. This is not a solution: it’s a workaround to a pretty bad problem. this seems like a pretty simple update and push fix for your keypads. I like the system, but I’m not sure I like it enough to trade off my dog’s sanity. I’d like someone to contact me directly about this and give me a timeline for having a fix. It’s really not sustainable 

SimpliSafe shouldn’t make my dog feel psychologically unsafe in his own home. 

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Open up the keypad (screws on back). Cut the audio power cable. Done.

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