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Saturday, September 19th, 2020 7:08 AM


Keypad Silence

​Please give us the ability to silence keypads. I work very late. When I come home and dismiss the alarm. When I go to rearm my wife is asleep until I hit Home or Away, where it starts to count down from the preset number of seconds it is set to. That beep sound wakes her every time. I have to take the stupid keypad and stuff it under a pillow for 45 seconds while it counts down to armed. I would like to keep the chime on the downstairs keypad, but have the ability to silence the upstairs one so that it makes no noise unless there is an alarm. ​


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3 years ago

When I arm the system in Home, I find the countdown beeping to be very annoying. For example, if it's late at night and I put the system into Home, I don't want loud beeps waking up my family.

Is there some option to silence the countdown that I'm missing? I know I can set the exit delay to 0, but that doesn't work for me as we sometimes use Home when leaving the house.
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The beeps are not THAT loud.  Are you sure it is not your external siren complaining about low batteries.  Now THAT is loud.

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Yes, I'm sure it's not the external siren beeping. I'm glad they don't bother you, but I'm looking for a solution.

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Take it apart and clip the speaker/beeper wire. That is the solution available to you at this moment, and quite possibly the only one there will ever be.

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Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately there is no volume setting for the Keypad itself - only the Wireless Siren and the Base Station. But you do still have the option of disabling the countdown entirely for Home Mode - so it arms near-instantly.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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I use Home most of the time when leaving my house and am set to zero. Unless I am not understanding something, you just put system in Home while exit door is open and then leave. No countdown needed.

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3 years ago

Customers have been asking for that for a decade.  Not going to happen as it will lead to a higher number of false alarms which will get Simplisafe into hot water.  Also goes against ANSI standards intended to reduce false alarms (ANSI/SIA CP-01).

If you are handy, you can disconnect the beeper inside the keypad yourself.  If you are less handy, you can cover the opening in the beeper with heavy tape.  If you are not handy at all, move the keypad to another location.
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