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Sunday, March 21st, 2021 12:39 PM


keypad touch volume


Is there a way to adjust or mute the sounds made when entered a disable code or pressing other buttons on the keypad?

Our keypad for our entry is right next to our bedroom.  When I disable the system at 4:30 AM, the sound of the keys being pressed wakes my wife.  I can't seem to find a setting for this.

Thank you in advance.


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3 years ago

@ jfullmer unfortunately, short answer is no. Suggest you use your key fob or phone app, which are completely silent.

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2 years ago

Same issue here. Bedroom door is near entry door and keypad.  FOB/App not good options as they are not always present at the location.  Bummer to not be able to disable the sound.  We bought second keypad for the convenience, but can't keep it next to the door, so not convenient.

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1 year ago


I would appreciate a setting option which silences the numbers on the keypad.  

For my home, there is no benefit to have each number of the pin, provide audio feedback. 

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1 year ago

The suggestion to just use the mobile app because that is completely silent is incorrect. You still have to deal with the countdown beeps on the keypads when you arm the system.

I also tried taping over the speaker areas with electrical tape and that did not dampen the chimes significantly enough. 

This noise makes my dog completely uncomfortable. This is not a solution: it’s a workaround to a pretty bad problem. this seems like a pretty simple update and push fix for your keypads. I like the system, but I’m not sure I like it enough to trade off my dog’s sanity. I’d like someone to contact me directly about this and give me a timeline for having a fix. It’s really not sustainable 

SimpliSafe shouldn’t make my dog feel psychologically unsafe in his own home. 


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11 months ago

Open up the keypad (screws on back). Cut the audio power cable. Done.

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Oh ... and yes ... it's a super annoying feature with no obvious benefit. At the very least, give people an option. Maybe a silent mode switch on the side like an iPhone.

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3 months ago

Seriously. You are telling me that I can’t arm the damn system silently?   Like what the absolute hell. I just put up the system and trying to arm it from the bedroom and it beeps like crazy. WTF. 

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