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Sunday, August 14th, 2022 3:33 PM


Initiate Panic Via Voice Command

It would be nice if asking Alexa for help, would initiate an immediate alarm.

Consider this, I fall in my home and can't move.  I can't reach a phone or a panic button. But I can speak to Alexa. I have dot's everywhere.

Alexa ask Simplisafe to get Police   - Call Police immediately.

Alexa ask Simplisafe to get Medical - Call for Medical help immediately.

Both of these are 911 type situations. This would not happen by accident and needs immediate response. A verification call should not be necessary.

If I could get to a phone, I would dial 911. But in the case above, I cannot get to a phone and need help.

This allows me to use my voice and get help!

I asked for this, talking with a customer service rep over the phone, more than a year ago.

I did not know about this forum.

I asked for a Simple - "Alexa Simplisafe Panic".

This would allow Alexa to press the Panic Button for me.

This should not be hard and should be a SIMPLE addition to the Alexa integration.

It could help save a life.

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