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Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 3:32 AM


Indoor Camera: Armed State for Standalone Units

As a business owner who is just a short distance away it would be great if  I could set my outside cameras on a schedule after hours to send me a push notification if they sensed movement.  This way I could be notified before if someone was outside messing around my business.  I realize I can set them to send notifications now but during opening hours this would not be practical as much foot traffic I have.  I would set my outside cameras to send me notifications after closing until we open in the morning.  I hope you all read this and seriously consider doing this.  Thanks

This user originally posted prior to the release of the Wireless Outdoor Camera in 2021, so the question is about SimpliCam Indoor Cameras, which have been installed outside with the Outdoor Kit.

You can already set the Indoor Camera's Motion Sensor behavior based on the armed state of the system. You can change these options for each camera in the SimpliSafe App, under Menu > Camera Settings > [your camera].

However, when set up as standalone units (i.e. not attached to a SimpliSafe system), the Indoor Camera is armed at all times, uness the shutter is closed.

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4 years ago

Except SS does not have an outdoor camera.  their Indoor cameras use a "change in heat" sensor which might  not work reliably outdoors.
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