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Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 4:47 AM


Home Automation Integration

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matter compatibility

5 years ago

I agree.  I really like the idea of the SS system serving as a trigger for other devices in my home.  Basically, as an alternative for GeoFencing on my phone, it'd be nice to have the alarm being turned to off to being a trigger that turns on entryway lights and kicks up my HVAC to an occupied status.  Just as well, having it be turned to away mode turning off any unneeded lights and putting the HVAC into away.  As well, having all lights turn on when an alarm is triggered could also be useful.  On top of the overall system status being triggers, enabling raw feedback from the sensors to outside systems would have a lot of use.  I'm sure there are many other useful things, but enabling these one-way triggers could be very useful to automation users!



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5 years ago

IoT with the SS3 is great, but it has to be 1. secure 2. easy and 3. Optional.

Also, why reinvent the wheel?  Echo, Assistant, HomeKit, SmartThings are all options but the sauce that can tie them all together is IFTTT. Encourage SS to start small and concentrate on Echo integration, having the largest availability in the market.  IFTTT comes right along with it.

Okay, now its the Apple Fan club to chime in.  :-)
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