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Friday, June 10th, 2022 1:07 AM


Gas Leak Detector

Today during a meter inspection it was discovered that our gas meter was faulted and had been leaking natural gas into the basement. On older homes in my area the actual meter is in the basement not outside while its a unusual meter location of course a large amount of homes still have gas furnaces, water, and stove, dryer inside.

While I have never really considered it until now I have Simplisafe leak detectors for the basement sump and under sinks, carbon monoxide, and fire environmental monitoring but no gas!

I think a Simplisafe sensor for common gas natural and propane leak would complete a total home environmental protection package.

For now I just bought a few standalone detectors off Amazon

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Gas Leak Detector



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2 years ago

@anonuser2828 great suggestion and would like to see this type of sensor developed and released.

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2 years ago

Yes definitely I would buy a few from simplisafe if they are available and integrate with the whole security system. Gas leak detector I believe is the best way to prevent any harm to people before we are in need for smoke detector 

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