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Thursday, May 28th, 2020 9:59 AM


Expand Number of Cameras per Account

With outdoor cameras now possible (with the outdoor kit) and maybe dedicated outdoor cameras in the future, are there any plans to increase the 10 camera limit for system 2? I am currently maxed out at 10 and would like to add more.



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4 years ago

There are a number of people who find that the outdoor camera kit does not make an indoor camera an effective outdoor camera.  And the indoor camera is specifically designed to record intrusions.  That is not the optimal methodology for an external camera which should give you video BEFORE an intrusion.

So unless SS comes out with a REAL outdoor camera, it's not likely to be a truly satisfactory solution.  Frankly, the best outdoor camera system is wired cameras with a DVR/NVR.  If wireless in necessary, then look for one which uses a more reliable motion detection than PIR, since that works best when the surrounding environment is constant.

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4 years ago

Same scenario here, I hit the 10 camera limit and want to add more.
Most of my cameras are there for "view only' and don't need the ability to record.
It would be nice to add more than 10 cameras and select which are to record vs. ones that are view only.  
Maybe set the max record limit to 10?

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3 years ago

I hit the 10 camera limit on my SS3. I wish I could add a couple more cams for the coverage needed for 6000 sq. ft. home.

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3 years ago

FWIW I have 15 cameras in my home, 9 outdoors and 6 indoors all controlled by a Windows PC running software called Blueiris.  I just bought an SS system (replacing a Guardian Alarm) and looked at the SS camera offer and price and determined that the camera resolution was "not that good" compared to cameras that I currently own at a similar or lower price point and decided against buying them.  Use the SS system for what it's good at - monitoring your devices.  

If you want a camera system look at the NVR systems at your local big box and warehouse stores.  They'll give you much higher resolution and abilities.  Or if you're a DIY kind of person with a Windows PC look at Blueiris software - it supports literally hundreds of flavors of cameras.  Just my 2 cents.

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5 days ago

Please add support for more cameras!  10 is not that many, and there's no reason the number shouldn't be higher.

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