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Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 9:17 PM


Even lower Base Station volume

​There are times when I get up early and having my SS3 Base Station set to Low for volume is still too loud and wakes the house up along with the Chime function also set to Low. ​

​It shouldn't be too difficult to create a 4th volume level at 50% below "Low" and "0" volume to meet a "Whisper" mode? ​

​My household would really appreciate it. ​




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3 years ago

@MGSiemens5, my SS2 base for 5 +  years, and my SS3 base since I got it has been on complete silence the whole time. No lights, no voice (at least what I can control) and never, ever missed the noise. With the 24.99 plan my smartphone gives me all of the notifications I need.
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