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Thursday, December 9th, 2021 1:56 PM


Embeddable Entry Sensor for recessed doors, tighter spaces

Will Simplisafe ever offer recessed door sensors? 

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2 years ago

Hi RobK,

I'll be happy to pass along your suggestion. But in the meantime, depending on how your recessed doors are set up, there are ways to install the existing Entry Sensor onto it.

The Entry Sensor can detect the smaller magnet piece as far as 2" away. So if your door isn't very deep, you might be able to set the sensor up as normal.

But for deeper recesses, you might be able to place the magnet piece on the inside of the frame, so that the door swings right past it. A Slim Magnet (available from our Support Team at 800-548-9508) might be helpful, if you wanted to give that a try.

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Hey Davey – Im actually hoping that Simplisafe would integrate with this type of door sensor.  

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Aeotec and a bunch of other companies sell them.  I had them on a system at a previous house and they're great. And almost totally invisible since the sensor is recessed into the door and door jam.




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If you really want SS recessed sensors, there is a way to make your own.

1) buy a wired recessed jamb switch (I like them better because there is no magnet to be detected by someone assessing your system) or recessed magnetic switch (if you prefer) from a general purpose alarm supply company

2) Modify a SS entry sensor by replacing the magnet with the wires from the recessed switch (will void the warranty on that sensor, but they are inexpensive).

3) Make sure it works before mucking up your jamb

4) Install the recessed switch and run the wire to the modified SS sensor.  You may need to disconnect the wire from one end to get it run; just reattach it.

5) Verify it works

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2 years ago

Simplisafe could be great, but they need the following changes

Offer Recessed Sensors like many others have asked for

Allow scheduling on the door lock.  Like unlock during the day and automatically lock at night.  Unbelievable that they don't offer this with their phone app.  Have to do it manually.

They should allow scheduling in general but don't.

I think the system falls short for houses so maybe it should just be used in fluid situations such as apartments.  

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2 years ago

I would love a cylindrical door sensor.  This would elevate SimpliSafe into a classier system.  I had them with AT&T Digital Life and they are great.  Abode also offers them.

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