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Monday, August 8th, 2022 5:44 PM


Chime Alert Options (Non-Secret Alert)

Testing out a paid plan but don't think I'll keep it because it doesn't offer what I want. 

When the system is set as "Off" I want to both get an alert on my phone and still have a chime sound. 

When I'm home I want people who enter to hear the chime - but I also want a notification on my phone in case I'm out of audible range of the chime. 

I understand the purpose of "secret alert" and think there are good applications for that - but there needs to be an "chime alert" option as well. 

This would also be useful if you forget to arm your system and leave the property. A person entering would hear the chime and know they were being monitored and I would get a phone alert letting me know to check in/set my alarm. 

Seems like a fairly easy function to add. 

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