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Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 9:06 PM


Any update on SimpliSafe releasing a PoE camera?

Years ago there were rumors of a SimpliSafe PoE camera.  I know SimpliSafe finally just released the new outdoor battery powered camera.  And their whole deal is simplicity through wireless...

So the SimpliSafe cameras connect to WiFi, not directly to the the base station like the sensors.  And WiFi connections outside the home (through the bricks) is typically not stable.  Camera connection stability is the biggest reason to provide a PoE camera option.

SimpliSafe did finally release a true outdoor camera that is battery powered.  And it is still WiFi connected.

The argument that PoE is not "simple", and thus it goes against their target market, is not a good argument.  A flaky WiFi connection is also not "simple", it is frustrating.  Our SimpliSafe doorbell often gives the message "Your camera is disconnected from the internet" when trying to view the live feed even though the WiFi access point is 10 feet away through the wall.

Yes provide the WiFi and battery powered cameras to hit the standard "simple" market, but also create a PoE camera for us users with a little more technical ability.  After all, it is us tech savvy who are the main influencer of a brand - people ask our opinion.  Currently I say no to SimpliSafe cameras because the WiFi experience is too flaky.  We simply need PoE.

It would also be a WAY cheaper and simple product to produce.  No battery, no WiFi chips and antennas.  Just the camera, power module, and ethernet chip.

So is there any update on a PoE camera?

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