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Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 5:00 PM

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AI-enabled sensor failure detection

​i've been using your product and services for 10 years.​

​lately, i've been getting alerts from your system informing me that a certain sensor(s) is not responding (to a routine/random check, I assume).​

​I am not talking about the alarm actually getting triggered, simply a sensor not responding when your system routinely checks its status.​

​today, the alarm got triggered when i was in my office and i got a call from your monitoring staff so i drove to my house and everything was fine. i live in a very safe/quiet neighborhood and my house was never broken into for over 30 years we lived in it.​

​i suspect that the sensors might be malfunctioning and triggering false alarms.​

​i don't want to have to drive to my house every time this happens.​

​my suggestion to you (to improve your product/services and keep customers happier) is build in some intelligence into your system to routinely check the history of how each sensor responded (or not) when your system does routine status checks and, based on the frequency/pattern, determine (or alert the customer) if it thinks the sensor is showing patterns of not being reliable or failing. I'd rather get this kind of information if my sensors are old and dying than have them generate false alarms and i have to drive back and forth between my office and home.​

​this is easy to implement and win-win for the company and customers.​

​i gave this suggestion to the customer service person when she called me regarding the alarm.​

​she told me to call tech support and give them (repeat) my suggestion.​

​I told her to elevate it w/in the company but she said she does not have the ability. so silly....​

​anyways, if this continues, i am going to take my business to your competitor.​

​i started using your product/services because i thought your company is a technology based company.​

​i am surprised that your don't have this ability already and i am wasting my time driving back and forth between my office and home when your system generates false alarms.​

​feel free to contact me if your need to discuss this suggestion.​

​thank you.​

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2 years ago

Hi @lucidi ,

Yes, all of your system's components check in once per hour, and if they fail several check-ins, that's when the error pops up. When that happens, it can only be from a limited number of possible issues:

  1. The sensor is somehow no longer powered. Maybe the battery ran out, or the sensor was damaged.
  2. The sensor is too far from the Base Station.
  3. Similarly, the signal is not making it to the Base Station because of some form of interference. This could be physical - i.e. a dense obstruction like a wall or heavy appliance is literally in the way; or another wireless signal is drowning out the sensor.

So Sensor Errors are always a matter of a loss of communication. It shouldn't be possible for a Sensor in Error to trigger any alarm at all. We should be troubleshooting the Sensor Error and the False Alarm issues separately!

That being said, you're right, we currently don't employ any smart AI that analyzes your log data for smarter insights when troubleshooting. That's a great suggestion.

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