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Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 4:21 PM


Additional Door Chime Options

​Hi! Love SimpliSafe BTW, super user friendly and excellent support!​

​My biggest issue with SimpliSafe is the lack of door chime options. With our "other vendor", we could set only 1 door to chime when open when the system was turned off. This is GREAT for sheds, garages, other detached buildings that we want to continue to monitor without having to arm the system and not entries that get used constantly. I rather not use secret alerts either as we get enough chats, texts, etc.​

​To have the base (or keypad) to simply say that the door was being opened would be awesome and only for doors we want monitored, not all or none. I would think it be simple enough? Enable Door Chime on the master menu, then go and select "Chime" on what door you want monitored in the appropriate column?​

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7 months ago

I just installed our SimpliSafe system this weekend. My wife and I were surprised to notice how much we miss the chime and spoken alert our previous system's keypad had. We originally turned that feature on because we had a toddler (who's now 11). It would be great to be able to enable spoken alerts (e.g., "Garage entry", "Front door"). We don't have smart home devices but I can see how enabling the announcement through selected devices (customizable schedules by device for quiet mode would be necessary) and also offering a remote speaker (maybe coupled with a remote doorbell chime) would be great. In our case, because the base unit is installed in an unobtrusive, out-of-the-way spot, audible alerts from the base unit are not particularly helpful.

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