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Saturday, January 11th, 2020 9:47 PM

Anyone got a panic button


I wondered if anyone had a panic button.

I know there on the key fobs and keypad but I am more thinking about the standalone button and its general point.   Note I am in UK.

I asked simplisafe what would happen if i purchased one and pressed it and I got this response back :

"The Panic Button instantly triggers an alert to Securitas after being held down for 2 seconds and sets your alarm off."

"Visual representation is required for a Police Dispatch, if there is no contact via the numbers provided, Securitas will try again in 15 minutes and if there is still no contact, a Guard will be dispatched."

"You are able to set the Panic Button to a silent alarm so if you did press it in silent mode, an alert would be sent to Securitas and if they do get Visual representation of an intruder or break in, the police will be dispatched."

So I suppose my point is if its a PANIC button... and I press it... I suppose if I am in bedroom and there is no visual verification as no camera present and I cant answer the phone nothing basically happens for 15 minutes - then it happens again.... then a guard gets dispatched so the PANIC button would take probably an hour for someone to actually come round to see what was going on and even then... it would be pretty pointless.

I suppose it would work ok if something happened downstairs but thats about it or am I missing the point!

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I don't know what the situation is in the UK, but this just does not make sense.  I had the idea that this triggers almost instant check from COPS.  A delay does not make sense.

Here's what Simplisafe says:

Panic Button
(instantly trigger your alarm)

Emergency Alert
Pressing the panic button will instantly trigger the alarm and our monitoring center will
call to check if you're okay. If you don't answer the phone or don't give your "safe word'
when you answer, we'll alert the police that you're in danger.

I would expect this all to happen in seconds.

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Dandy, call them, see if you get a different answer from a supervisor.  That "policy" really sucks.  Also ask them about all other panic buttons (like on the keypad, keyfob) and see what they say the policy for those are as well.  The standalone panic buttons for the US can be set to Silent Alarm, Sound Alarm, Fire or Medical (and yes, as ride525 notes, pressing the button for 2 seconds will alert Monitoring, they will call once, if no answer or correct safe word is provided, they will dispatch police or whomever you have it set for).   For the keypad and keyfob settings, they can be set to Sound Alarm, Fire, Medical, Disabled.

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@dandyDons - I seem to recall you stated in another thread that police will not respond to an alarm without visual verification. So it seems that monitoring for the panic button is in some way trying to accommodate that requirement.

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Gosh, I would treat a Panic Button different than a sensor or two going off.

Would want to get there quick.
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