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Monday, August 24th, 2020 2:04 PM

Solid Blue light even after system disarmed - Original Simplisafe


I tried contacting Simplisafe tech support for DAYS now.  I finally got a hold of someone, just to put me on hold and hanged up.  I'm getting a bit annoyed.

Live in CA, and we had the fires..  power went out for 4 days, drained backup battery on my base station.  After we got back from evacuation, i replaced the batteries with fully charged batteries and now the base station has solid blue light, even after it''s disarmed.

Anyone know how to fix this?  I used to just look to see if the alarm is on or off via the blue light.  now that it's solid blue, i have no clue if it's disarmed or armed.


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4 years ago

I do hope that you replaced those rechargeable batteries with rechargeable batteries.  If you put in Alkalines, it could cause damage or even a fire.

Have you armed and then disarmed the system?  That is supposed to clear some errors.
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