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Thursday, September 26th, 2019 12:58 PM

Simplisafe(orig) sounding alarm after Wyze cams installed

We've had the SS original for 4+ years, no issues, maybe 3 false alarms from motion sensors in that time. Yesterday installed a Wyze cam v2 and pan cam. At bedtime armed SS and about 5 minutes later alarm triggered but unlike previous times no report from the keypad whether it was a motion sensor or window/door sensor. So, checked everything, reset SS 5 minutes later same thing, this happened several times. Wondering has anyone else experienced this? Is it the IR light from the new cams? Even so wouldn't SS still say there was a recent alarm triggered by a motion sensor?



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5 years ago

I have not experienced this issue and do not know of anyone (personally) who has either. Did you enable the cameras at that time? If the system is not indicating a sensor as the cause, my best guess would be the cameras causing frequency interference? Arm it again, give it some time, and then activate the cameras. If the alarm triggers, that could potentially be your answer.

Also, did you check your Timeline to see if it registered any sensor(s)?

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Eliminated to one of the motion sensors being too close to the Wyze cam, had them in the same corner one above the other, moved the sensor to the opposite corner for almost identical coverage and did not trigger. Must be frequency or IR light thing. Hope it holds, thanks for the reply.

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4 years ago

I'd think more likely something to do with IR, not RF interference.

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4 years ago

I also have had my SS system for about 4 years. Never had any false alarms. Installed 4 Wyze cameras, one in the garage.
Now I can't turn on the system without one or the other motion sensors giving a false alarm.
Will turn off all Wyze cam's to troubleshoot.
Yep, Turn off the Wyze cameras and no more false alarms.
And I agree, something to do with IR, not RF interference.

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5 months ago

I just had this problem last night at 2am. Rhe base station kept alarming about interference detected. I had a new Wyze Pan Cam sitting on my desk about 10 feet away. It had been there all day for troubleshooting the micro sd card. But at 2am, something happened. I ended up disconnecting the camera and the alarm ceased. 

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