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Saturday, July 21st, 2018 6:59 PM

serial numbers for sensors

If my sensors were never named for the location of placement how do I get the serial number and add location name after the box was trashed?



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6 years ago

The serial number should be on the sensor itself. If not, a call to SimpliSafe will give you the answer (they have them on file).

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6 years ago

If you have SS3, you can view the serial #'s by going into the keypad under system settings / devices.  Then for the specific device, scroll down on the menu and the serial # appears.  Otherwise, you can view the serial # on the device itself as @Shiherlis mentioned.

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6 years ago


For the All New SimpliSafe system, you don't need to enter any serial numbers. You'll just need to enter the Setup and Naming mode through your Keypad, and press the button on the sensor. It will be added automatically, and you can return to the Keypad to name it.

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