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Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 8:21 PM

Replace failed SS2 component or upgrade to SS3?

I have SS2 and one of my keypads failed (battery leaked). I've been meaning to order a new one, but I got an "anniversary upgrade discount" for SS3. I waited too long and now it appears to be showing full price when I click the link.

Does anyone know if they plan to end support for SS2 at some specific date? I'm fine with SS2 and I like the landline backup, so I'm leaning toward just replacing the keypad.

I'm curious what the discount would have been. I have about 15 entry sensors, 3 motion sensors, 1 camera, 3 keypads, 1 keychain, 1 panic button, and 1 smoke detector. Is the discount only for some kind of base package, not all the extra stuff I've bought?

I also noticed the forums don't seem to be linked from the website and no longer have a search bar. Guess they're not really supporting the forums anymore either. Always hard to get info from this company without calling a person, but not a ton of good alternatives so whatever.

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4 years ago

Upgrade offers have been 40%, 50% and some people even got 100% offers.  For the first two, it was on any complete system, with the send in of "the critical components" of the SS2 system.  I think the 100% offer was an exact replacement.

There has been no announcement of a SS2 end date.  

If you like the SS2, getting the replacement part is quick, easy and possibly free under warranty.  At some point in time, you may be "forced" to upgrade either by support for SS2 being ended, or just that they run out of components for it.  Or you can do it now if you can get them to give one of the upgrade offers.

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4 years ago

Thanks! I put the SS3 equivalents of all my current components (except the camera which I believe is good with both?) into my cart and the full price is $735. So even 50% off is a huge cost.

I think I will call and ask if the keypad is under warranty. Maybe they can give me a discount on that replacement for now. Thanks for the info!

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4 years ago

Yes, the camera (and doorbell) don't communicate with the base, so is not impacted by the change to encrypted signals.  Thus they will work with both SS2 and SS3.
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