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Sunday, March 5th, 2023 2:57 AM

Original Simplisafe. Keypad Out of Range- bought new base astation


I moved into house that had some parts of original smiplisafe system installed - keypad, motion sensors , door open sensors , no base station. I decided to try making system work by buying original base station on ebay. However after base station arrived I still see "Keyad out of range" message on keypad, even though keypad is less then a feet away from base station. My understanding base station is not paired with keypad, I tried resetting base station by unplugging it from power and removing one battery with no result. How can I pair up new base station to existing keypad.?

and the bigger question - is it even possible to get my existing system to work , given that I am not the original owner and therefore dont have any pin info or account with simplisafe ? 



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9 months ago

@Anton you should remove the keypad from the system and reinstall, but before you do anything, call Simplisafe support and have them walk you through it live while they are on the phone. To be brutally honest, my best recommendation is to buy a SS3 system (Talk to sales to get an upgrade deal) and toss the SS2 system in the garbage.

Good luck with your decision.

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9 months ago

Hi @Anton ,

Glad to hear that you've decided to get some use out of those old sensors!

The key thing to understand first is that the Base Station - the tower - is the core of the whole system. In a way, the Base Station is the system, and all the other components (includinng the Keypads) link up to it.

So that's what we're doing here - we're trying to add all of your existing components to the new(er) Base Station's list. As you've guessed, that includes the old Keypad, which is not yet added to the Base Station. That's why you're seeing the Keypad Out of Range message; it's not linked to the Base Station at all.

Now, usually, the way to add components, including Keypads, to the system is via an existing Keypad. If your new(er) Base Station came with its own Keypad that is already linked up, then great! You can follow these steps to add all the other components to your new system.

But it sounds like you don't. So the only other way we can get this set up is for our Support team to connect to your Base Station and add components from our end - which is going to take some finagling. I'm going to DM to grab your details, so I can request a Specialist to give you a call.


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